About the project

SUSI is an elephant who has been locked up in the Barcelona Zoo since 2002.  After seeing her partner Elefanta (Alicia) die, her health began to deteriorate. In 2009 a campaign was carried out to take it to a shrine, this campaign had a lot of impact but the zoo authorities did not let this move be possible. ¨ we could not take Susi, but we will return for all ¨ was the motto that inspired the new campaign ZOOXXI, a platform that aims to change the paradigm of zoo globally.
SUSI became a symbol for those struggling for a real change from international zoos to a more sustainable, educational and ethical model.

¨ Susi. An elephant in the room ¨ immerses us in a Transmedia universe through 3 main platforms: Interactive documentary Web, where we can experience the life of Susi in the first person, deepen the problems of the lobbies and share your experience in the Your city zoo. In addition your story can be part of another platform: Short documentary where we narrate the transfer of Susi to a shrine and build together the zoo of the future; To be able to share the experience you will also be able to download an educational mobile application that will be Linkeada with the Web doc, designed for parents, educators and especially for children, that proposes a Gamificado tour within the zoo, using the reality Virtual, with possibilities to program in any zoo in the world and a section so that even the smallest can understand about the habitat and needs of the animals. All this interactive design is accompanied by a story in which user is an active member of the project, is part of a community of Susi protectors, has its profile and its avatar that will change as it gets more and more involved and as the campaign Ava Nza, inviting users to become part of this change.

to collaborate


If you are an artist
Do you want to give visibility to the problems of captivity with your art? In that case, we’d like to count on you.
We look for illustrators or designers to collaborate in the first stage of our project ¨ Susi, an elephant in the room ¨. To participate, they must present a work that represents the problems that SUSI and other animals in captivity live in any part of the world. Illustrators can be presented in an individual or group manner. Send To Susiwebdoc@gmail.com

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